Self & Society is our international journal for humanistic psychology. It is currently published twice a year as part of the membership package offered by AHP.  If you would like to receive a regular copy of Self & Society, details of AHP membership options are available here.  If your would like to contribute an article to be considered for inclusion in Self & Society, please contact the editor,

Informative – accessible – challenging – controversial – personal – political

The  co-editor of Self & Society is Gillian Proctor, the other co-editor is currently being advertised.  If you would like to volunteer to join in the work,  here is the main text of an ad placed in Therapy Today:

  • Do you have a couple of hours per month? Editorial skills?
  • Do you resonate with Humanistic Psychology?
  • Would you like to join a vibrant team of volunteer associate editors to help produce a journal which will welcome open engagement and eschew internecine institutional rivalries? Weʼd love to talk to you!


The following text is an extract from article in Self & Society:

We envisage a journal with perhaps 3–4 more ‘popular’ articles per issue, and a similar number of substantial peer-reviewed (academic) papers per issue. In this way, our aim will be to preserve the alive, engaging aspect of the current Self and Society that we all love, and also introduce a more formal academic section in the journal, which will enhance the status and gravity of humanistic psychology and the humanistic therapies in wider professional world. Far from seeing this as selling out to professionalisation, we see this as an acknowledgement of the realities of many humanistic practitioners, especially those working in the NHS who would benefit from their orientation having a far more prominent status and legitimacy in the professional and academic literature and community. We cannot emphasise sufficiently strongly that this new departure will be one that complements the existing journal, and will not in any way replace, side-line or extinguish the ethos of the Self and Society that has existed successfully over a number of decades.

Finally, we’ve also had a number of ideas for new regular sections in the new Self and Society– namely:

  • A ‘Topical Debate’ section
  • An ‘Opinion’ section
  • Special Guest Interviews
  • Ethical Dilemmas section
  • A ‘Client Voice’ section
  • A Psy-Society section: politics, society, culture and humanistic psychology
  • Conference/Workshops reports
  • The Humorously Humanistic Corner
  • Trainer’s page
  • AHPP news section
  • Notice Board and Classifieds
  • Humanistic Retro Classics – book review essay
  • A Regular Cartoon
  • ‘Humanistic TV’ – links to an online presence, e.g. the letters page could continue online in a readers’ forum, links to blogs, downloadable talks, Youtube etc.
  • New literature listing: listing of latest books relevant to humanistic psychology


AHP S&S ed