Self & Society Journal

The cover for the Autumn 2021 Self & SocietyThe house journal of the AHPb is Self & Society, which has been published since 1973, is now in its 49th year of publication, and has had a range of sub-titles over the years – the latest being ‘An International Journal for Humanistic Psychology’. Several years ago we decided to revert from four to two printed issues a year, with two online magazines replacing the other two printed issues. Winter 2020–21 sees the publication of our 6th online magazine – which we call the ‘AHP Magazine for Self & Society’. Around two-fifths of the online magazine is free open access, and the remainder is password protected for AHPb members and subscribers only. The format of the online magazine enables us to publish far more material, and also more lengthy contributions, than is possible in the print journal; for example, the winter 2020–21 issue contains a 15,000-word interview about the great philosopher of science Paul K. Feyerabend (also available open access on our website homepage at

In 2018 Routledge/Taylor & Francis published the most recent anthology on Humanistic Psychology in the literature – a 340-page book co-edited by the then co-editors of Self & Society, Richard House, David Kalisch and Jennifer Maidman – titled Humanistic Psychology: Current Trends and Future Prospects (Abingdon, Oxon, ISBN 978-1-138-69891-8).