Self and Society Volume 8 Issue 3

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 8 Issue 3.
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Gaie Houston's Gestalt Primer Concluded
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The last issue was devoted to the first four sessions for a self-help group in Gestalt. This month Gaie Houston concludes her primer with sessions Five and Six. The first deals with taking responsibility for yourself and communicating what is inside you rather than generalizing or making assumptions about other people. The last session introduces Fritz Perls, technique of the empty chair to separate different parts of your own personality. Anyone who has worked this far will really have a good idea about—and a good inner feeling for—what Gestalt Therapy is all about.

Coming Events
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Universal Brotherhood of Gurus
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Book Review:
Book Reviews
Authors: Claire Risa Cohn, O. Void, John Rowan, Richenda Power
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Letter to the Editor:
Letters to the Editor
Author: Alix
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