Self and Society Volume 7 Issue 7

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 7 Issue 7.
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EAHP: A Rebirth Une Renaissance Wiedergeburt
Authors: Vivian Milroy, Mike Rimmington
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Assisted Passage
Author: David Boadella
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The Effect of Lifestyle on the Personality
Author: Brigitte Kluge
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Author: Hans Lobstein
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Is the Human Potential Movements Narcissistic?
Author: John Rowan
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Potential for the People
Author: Yvonne Craig
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Ten days of Vipassana Meditation
Author: Jean-Claude See
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The Psychologist as Agent of change
Author: Konstanty Gebert
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Pellin London-Bristol Diploma Course
Author: Peter Fleming
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Book Review:
Book Reviews
Authors: Mark Matthews, Donald Anders-Richards
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