Self and Society Volume 6 Issue 1

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 6 Issue 1.
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The Phenomenology of Reincarnation
Author: Arnold Keyserling
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Arnold Keyserling, Professor of Philosophy in Vienna, visits England regularly to run weekends and give lectures. His work ranges from a deep intellectuallyoriented understanding of conventional Philosophy: the I Ching; Astrology, to the personal experience of Being, Becoming, Knowing. In this article he describes the experiment of going into the memory of another incarnation step by step so that any reader is able to do this, with the aid of a helper. He then puts forward the theoretical framework, physiological and metaphysical in which he accommodates the questions this experiment gives rise to.


Men’s Consciousness
Author: John Rowan
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Coming Events
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Two Weeks in a Factory
Author: Margherita Martini-Brown
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Trends in Health Care
Author: Marcus McCausland
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Letter to the Editor:
Letters to the Editor
Authors: Shirley Wade, Ron Clements
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