Self and Society Volume 34 Issue 2

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 34 Issue 2.
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Author: Maxine Linnell
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Can Spiritual Values Combat Global Warming?
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Dr Rogers and the Rebellious Right Arm
Author: Clive Perraton Mountford
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Abstract: My Rebellious Arm

Petruska Clarkson
Authors: Hilde Rapp, Alexandra Chalfont, David Boadella, Glynes X. Jacques, Yuko Nippoda, Richard House
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The Meaning of Life Quest
Author: Petruska Clarkson
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Many psychotherapists and others have asked me: How do you introduce the transpersonal into a psychotherapy session? I have always been rather surprised by this question for two reasons (a) I do not see how any healing can take place without the transpersonal—I surely do not do it myself! and (b) how can you do therapy of any kind without knowing how this unique person makes sense of their life—and inevitable death?

Self and Society. AGM and Workshop
Author: Glynes X Jacques
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How do we find a common denominator in a value system of diversity? Should we have commonality? Does this contradict the philosophy of individuality and personal difference?

the regular COLUMN
Author: Mike Fitter
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Author: Steve King
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AHP(B) Chair's Page
Author: Tony Morris
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Book Review:
Authors: Geoff Lamb, Brian Thorne
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