Self and Society Volume 33 Issue 4

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 33 Issue 4.
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Author: Maxine Linnell
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A Brief History of Bert Hellinger's Family Constellations
Author: Barbara Stones
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Constellations under the Sign of Multi-generational Systemic Psychotraumatology
Authors: Franz Ruppert, Alexandra Chalfont
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Constellations in an Individual Setting
Author: Vivian Broughton
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Being a Representative in Family Constellations
Author: Barbara Morgan
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The Challenges of Organisational Constellations
Author: Ty Francis
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Enhancing Children's Learning
Authors: Terry Ingham, Judith Hemming, Jane James
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Child A, a Muslim girl was struggling with aspects of socialising and learning in the Year 6 Class. She had not been allowed by her father to take part in the class residential trip—the only child not to do so. In addition several parts of the curriculum were not available to her on grounds of her religious beliefs. The teacher seemed to carry some sadness and frustration that this child was unable to take full part in class activities.

AHP(B) Chair's Page
Author: Tony Morris
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The regular COLUMN
Author: Mike Fitter
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Author: Steve King
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Book Review:
Author: Clare Fee
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Authors: John Ridpath, Nick Duffell
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