Self and Society Volume 32 Issue 7

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 32 Issue 7.
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Appreciative Inquiry in Education:
Guest editorial
Author: Robin Shohet
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Robin Shohet interviews Neil Berry, headteacher of Brampton Manor
Author: Neil Berry
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Appreciative Inquiry in the Secondary School
Author: Lesley Bond
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In 2003, I collaborated with Robin Shohet to introduce Appreciative Inquiry (AI) into our large, mixed secondary school in the East End of London. To begin with I sent invitations to all members of staff as well as approaching a number of students, and a mixed group of ten people congregated for our first meeting.

Reflections on Brampton Manor School's Appreciative Inquiry Residential Workshop
Author: Paul Howard
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A Student's Impressions of the Appreciative Inquiry Residential at Harlow
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School and Children's Values Assessment
Author: Phil Clothier
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Values Assessment and Appreciative Inquiry in a Challenging Secondary School
Author: Nicola Williams
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Changing the Culture of 9M
Author: Michelle Pitt
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Authors: Lesley Bond, Robin Shohet
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The regular COLUMN
Author: Mike Fitter
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AHP(B) page
Author: Tony Morris
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Shelf Life
Author: Nick Duffell
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Book Review:
Authors: John Rowan, Geoff Lamb
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Authors: Christine Bell, Jane Barclay, David Jones Counsellor, Heward Wilkinson (Psychotherapist, Retired), Andrew Samuels, Courtenay Young Jungian Analytical Psychologist
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