Self and Society Volume 32 Issue 1

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 32 Issue 1.
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Author: Maxine Linnell
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Songs without Words
Author: Rosemary Clarke
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My mother is 90. The first signs of what turned out to be dementia emerged some five or six years ago—the usual memory lapses and slight confusion.

Coma Work
Author: Gary Reiss
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If I were to tell you that I had a method of psychological work and body work that could improve your sex life, deepen your relationship skills, and get you closer to the main reasons you are alive, would you ever suspect I was talking about working with people in comas? I say this because most people don't think learning about comas would be relevant to them. I have told people that the percentage of people who have a coma sometime during their life is quite high, and especially right before death. Yet this doesn't seem relevant for most.

The Adolescent Hero in Celtic Myth
Author: Brendan Mcmahon
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The regular COLUMN
Author: Christine Bell
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Shelf Life
Author: Nick Duffell
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AHP(B) page
Author: Tony Morris
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Book Review:
Authors: John Rowan, Chris Kell, Richard House BACP Accred. Counsellor & Supervisor, John Rowan, Vivienne Silver-Leigh
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Authors: Christine Symons, Nick Duffell, Vivienne Silver-Leigh, Christine Bell, Michael Soth, Bozena Merrick, Richard House, Bozena Merrick
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