Self and Society Volume 31 Issue 3

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 31 Issue 3.
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Authors: Maxine Linnell, Alexandra Chalfont
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Author: Judy Ryde
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The speakers
Authors: Andrew Samuels, Talia Levine Bar-Yoseph, Aida Alayarian, Lennox Thomas
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Points from the plenary
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A participant's experience
Author: Yuko Nippoda
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Shelf Life
Author: Nick Duffell
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Breathing Lessons lay on our shelf for ten years, unread. There is little on the cover to tempt you, unless you know Anne Tyler's work, or have spotted the unqualified praise from Messrs Doyle and Hornby, hiding inside. Breathing Lessons covers one day in an ‘ordinary’ family, and is as well-crafted as The Royle Family. It left me gasping for breath, hooting with laughter, wet-eyed, and unable to put it down.

AHP(B) page
Author: Tony Morris
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Book Review:
Authors: David Kalisch, Vivienne Silver-Leigh, Hilary Mantel, Bee Springwood
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Authors: Steve King, Guy Dargert, Ann Vodden, John Sivyer
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