Self and Society Volume 2 Issue 10

The following lists the contents of Self and Society, Volume 2 Issue 10.
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Al Pesso Talking
Authors: Albert Pesso, Michaela Baron Professor, Denise Leblanc, Vivian Milroy
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How to be Spontaneous
Author: Douglas Harding
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Learn Purposefulness in a Group
Author: Jerome Liss
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Tyringham Clinic
Author: Wendy Rose-Neil
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From Humanistic Psychology—A look at R.C. and A.A
Author: Tom Sargent
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Ord International Summer School: Arundel, 1974
Author: Alix Pirani
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AHP Activities
Author: John Rowan
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Growth Centres
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Fifteen Women
Author: Marsha Forest
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Her seven year marriage breaking up, Marsha Forest goes to a week-end intensive encounter group and begins to learn about herself.


Somewhere a New Community Idea
Author: Brian Morris Bowdler
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Book Review:
Book Reviews
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Letter to the Editor:
Letters to the editor
Author: Hans Lobstein
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