Review of Naomi Klein’s Book ‘This Changes Everything’

An extract from David Kalisch’s review of Naomi Klein’s 2014 Book ‘This Changes Everything

Once every few years, Naomi Klein comes out with a new blockbuster that changes the terms of the debate about current issues of pressing concern. This new title is no  different: not only does Klein revivify the climate change debate with the passionate urgency and sense of discovery that she communicates vividly, intelligently and in her typical pull-no-punches style, but she also joins up the dots between this and the previous concerns that she explored in her best selling books No Logo and The Shock Doctrine  in fully coming to see that the problem confronting us and the planet is not just one of global warming but is one of the very system that organises our actions, thoughts and attitudes, namely global capitalism.

  • DOI:1080/03060497.2015.1016781
  • Published online:14 Apr 2015