Past Events


The EGM took place on December 3rd 2022 (postponed from October 29th) at the Open Centre, 188 Old Street, London, EC1V 9FR, 10:30am-6pm. Read more…

Summer Gathering Weekend Camp
Friday 29th – Sunday 31st July 2022
Chiltern Hills, Nr. Aylesbury
From 2:00pm on Friday – Sunday 4:00pm
Maximum number of 18 participants
Price £125.

Open to AHPb members and to those interested in finding out more about AHPb.

Re-connecting and re-vitalising is the theme.
A space to connect, drop down, celebrating being alive, and being together. We will huddle together, speak from our hearts, cry to the winds, laugh, shout, dance, sing; being together as simply as we can, as real as we can. We will give some time to explore:

AHPb Summer Camp
  • What is AHPb and who is AHPb right now in Britain? On a body, heart and soul, roots and wings dimension – personally in each of us. 
  • How does Humanistic Psychology inspire and inform each of us in the day-to-day living of our lives?
  • How might we grow into an alive grass roots network for change and development at this point in human evolution?

We wish to see more events offered that support at a grass roots level the hunger and search for a deeper more connected living, and unfolding of our human potential. That whatever is going on in the world we can nevertheless go within, finding our inner resources and creativity, and experience the support and encouragement that is possible through a vibrant network of connectivity that we can both give to and receive from.
For further details and booking information, see the Summer Gathering Weekend Camp page.

Gathering in Norwich
Wednesday 13th July 2022
7:30 – 9:30pm
20 Unthank Road
Norwich, NR3 4DE

This is an invitation to gather in these uncertain times. It feels like we are suspended in not quite knowing how to go forward at this time, and people have got used to not meeting face to face. We just thought ‘let’s meet.’

Humanistic Psychology embraces all of what we are and can be. It is needed more than ever before and the time is absolutely ripe for taking action and moving forwards in a more fulfilling way.

As a whole society we were suddenly thrust into an isolating and unnatural way of living in Lockdown. It has been hard for many to start afresh and go forwards in their lives in a full and rewarding way. The very difficulties we have all been experiencing lends an impetus to reconnect with the roots of all that is so healing and inspiring about the perspectives of Humanistic Psychology. It is now an opportunity for a fresh start in regaining our full potential which has been so severely inhibited.

We are reaching out to all AHPb members who live within travelling distance of Norwich and hope you can make it. If this speaks to you, do contact us and come along to the evening. If you can’t make it to this event and would like to be involved with another please let us know as we are open to meeting again on another date.

Tim Broughton, Jill Hall, Lucy Scurfield

2019: Humanistic Psychology Café Events: “Engaging Our Hearts in Dangerous Times
Flyer for the conference

AHPb is holding a series of low cost humanistic café-style events in London hosted by The Study Society. These events will culminate in a conference in the late autumn. Each event will include an informal talk and small group discussions focusing on speaking from the heart and applying the insights of Humanistic Psychology to relate to what’s happening in the world today. There will be distinguished speakers and ample networking opportunities. Read more….

2018: AHPb Annual Conference 2018: “Love, Madness and Transformation – Humanistic Stories
The flyer for the 2018 AHPb conference

This conference will create a space for eminent figures in the Humanistic Psychology movement to tell their personal stories. Even the world of political campaigning is now starting to realise that personal, human stories can and do cultivate the deepest of human connection, and this day of deep sharing, experiential engagement and small groupwork will connect us all with both our own and others’ stories, and with Story as Archetype for what it means to be human.Speakers will include Dr Dina Glouberman, Jill Hall, Jay Ramsay, Malcolm Stern, Dr Serge Beddington-Behrens and Julian Nangle. Read more…

2017: ONE-DAY HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY CONFERENCE: “Expanding a Humanistic Vision for a 21st Century Psychology
The flyer for the AHPb 2017 conference

This one-day conference brings together some of the most inspiring and challenging thinkers in the field of Psychology in general, and in Humanistic Psychology in particular. A CPD-certified event put on by the Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP) in conjunction with the UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (AHPP), five speakers will give us their own particular slant on the event’s umbrella title: “Expanding a Humanistic Vision for a 21st Century Psychology”.

Themes covered will include Humanistic Psychology and activism, future self as living entity, expanding the humanistic paradigm for the 21st-century context, Humanistic Psychology ‘outside the box’, and visioning our humanistic future – a rich mixture of the “self” and “society” dialectic that are at the core of Humanistic Psychology as a genuinely progressive psychology for the current era. With the inspirational Professor Maureen O’Hara from Saybrook (California) keynoting and a group of leading humanistic practitioners on the plenary panel, this is an unmissable participative event, and exceptional value for money. Read more…

2015: A Series of Self & Society Workshops
Flyer for the 2015 workshops

A series of evening workshops was held in 2015, starting with “The Vision Your Future – The Therapeutic Uses of Imagery” by Dr Dina Glouberman.

2013: Conference
Flyer for the 2013 Conference

AHPb and Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy College (HIPC) joint conference in association with UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Previous Events

The current Self & Society Poetry Editor, Julian Nangle, organised AHPb events and festivals in the past. Long-time AHPb member and founder of ‘Pathways’, Mary Fee, also has memories of AHPb’s past events. Julian writes:

‘The Leela Centre Festival was in 2008 and I think it was between the two Green and Away festivals. Our final festival was at Green and Away in 2009.

The first Green and Away Festival was on 27–29 July 2007, and proved a big success, raising £4,000. Of course the late John Rowan was a guest speaker on at least two occasions; other speakers were Guy Gladstone and Martin Wilks. At the first Festival we had Vivian Milroy (founder of Self & Society for AHP), who did a Dance & Mime Encounter Group! Other contributors to the festivals included Maxine Linnell (who was the person who first suggested having a festival in 2007; and there were also workshops from myself (on Past Life Therapy) and Anna Nangle (on Dancing the Chi). Josephone Sellers offered Equine Therapy (which was a big hit), and Katy Murrell offered Yoga.

At at least two of the festivals we had the band Seize the Day to help us celebrate all that we believed in. We also had drumming (Nick Wise), singing (Jane Wise) and story telling (with Joy Pitt, I believe). Of course we also had a wonderful facilitative process present at all the festivals, using the Home Groups model – something I would thoroughly recommend if ever there was another festival organised. 

The final festival was back at Green and Away on 16–18 July 2010. In addition to previous-mentioned speakers we had Jocelyn Chaplin, Brigitta Mowat (Working with Chakras), with Jenny Nicholson doing a workshop on Joanna Macey’s work, Ba Wheeler doing some Taize singing, and Pauline Elwell doing an Earth Walk. Recalling these festivals today, I can only say they were FANTASTIC events! And by common consent, these festivals were deemed a great success.’

Mary Fee writes:

I remember going to Green & Away, it seems a very long time ago! When Stella Barclay was involved, shortly before her job took her to North Yorkshire, we used to organise monthly workshops in London which were modest, affordable affairs – maybe only £5 or £10; I think this must have been in the early 1980s before my daughter was born in 1986, certainly before the days of Pathways, which I think began in 1988. For some of them we used London’s Open Centre as a venue. I recall that they were advertised in a small newsletter that was distributed as an insert in Self & Society at that time. I remember early work being done on an Amstrad! Below is the 1988 programme of events:

AHPb Events in 1988For three successive years, conferences were organised at Wentworth Woodhouse, a large stately home in Rotherham. Here are the flyers for 1985 and 1986, and one for a conference in Bristol in 1988:

Flyer for the conference Flyer for the conference Flyer for the conference