AHPb Magazine for Self & Society,
No. 11, Part 3, 2023-4

Self & Society’s Final Editorial – RICHARD HOUSE

This is the final editorial for the Self & Society journal, the first issue of which was published over half a century ago, in 1973.
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Therapists’ Journeys of Transition
and Transformation:

Who Can We Become? Where Are We Going?


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Symposium Introduction

The group of contributors is rich not only in terms of race, nationality, language, gender and faith, but also in terms of the variety of psychotherapy modalities represented.
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Transformation from Insecure to Secure Attachment – GÜLCAN SUTTON PURSER

Trauma can lead to long-lasting feelings of shame, self-doubt, insecurity and high levels of self-criticism, all of which can, in turn, make it very difficult for trauma survivors to feel safe in the world, to trust themselves, to express themselves, and to feel close to others.
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POEM: Guilt and Reparation by LINDA CUNDY

This man before me leads a double life
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Supporting Young People to Grow: A Tribute to Nick Luxmoore – JIM PYE

It was in 2008 when Nick Luxmoore first asked me if I’d like to run a workshop at the conference he organised every year for counsellors working with young people, and in schools.
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Without Child: Professional and Personal Reflections – SHEILA O’SULLIVAN

In this discussion of why some women choose not to have children and how this might affect perceptions of their identity, research undertaken by sociologists, psychoanalytic practitioners and psychologists is compared.
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POETRY: On Isolation, Connection and Identity by TAMAR POSNER

This collection of poems has emerged organically from the author’s reflections on the themes of loneliness and identity as someone who has lived in different countries and cultures, and is now facing the challenge of living on her own as an older woman.
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POEM: A Poem for Tamar by SUE WRIGHT

Wanting to contact you,
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Reflective Voices – Stories of Difference, Otherness, Growth and Liberation – CAROLINE ADEWOLE

This article explores the ongoing psychological movement towards intercultural development, growth and liberation.
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POEM: The Outsider by LINDA CUNDY

Now here’s a photo
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The Severed Tongue: Cultural Colonisation, Muting of the Mother Tongue and Self-Alienation – ALEXANDRA MAEJA RAICAR

This article considers the devastating intergenerational impact of cultural colonisation on a subject people, and the loss of their personal and social identity, through the muting of their mother tongue and the imposition of a colonial language.
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POEM: Visiting Mum by LINDA CUNDY

It wasn’t always easy with my Mum
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Care-givers and Care-receivers: Changing Maps of Self when Illness Strikes – SUE WRIGHT

This article explores the ways in which people’s sense of self changes when they become immersed in chronic illness or lose crucial aspects of independent functioning because of disability, or old age and dementia.
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POEM: Putting to Bed by SUE WRIGHT

Sadness hits me as I cut back fading flowers
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BOOK REVIEW ESSAY of Mohsin Hamid, Many IdentitiesSUE WRIGHT

‘How do you stand in relation to these many realms?’ This is the lengthy literal meaning of the Hopi Indian word ‘Hakomi’. A modern version might be: ‘Who are you?’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘Who am I in these many realms?’
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Climate Change on the Couch: How Psychotherapy Can Respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergency, Part 2 – BRIGITTA MOWAT

This is Part 2 of ‘Climate Change on the Couch’ (Mowat, 2022). It considers how the counselling and psychotherapy profession could be preparing trainees to support clients presenting climate-related issues such as distress or trauma.
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End of Life Care for a Dying Civilisation: Two Taboos – DENIS POSTLE

Over the last six years, researching five videos that responded to the climate emergency, I’ve seen knowledge of the potential for societal collapse become more widespread.
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UK Government Use of Behavioural Science Strategies in Covid-Event Messaging: Responsibility and Communication Ethics in Times of ‘Crisis’ – DR GARY SIDLEY

Throughout the Covid event the UK Government, in keeping with many other countries, drew on behavioural-science interventions – often referred to as ‘nudges’ – to strengthen their public-health communications, and thereby increase compliance with the pandemic restrictions and subsequent vaccine roll-out.
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Psychopractice Regulation: ScopEd – Generating Psychotherapathy? – DENIS POSTLE

Sometimes there are projects that, in their obtuseness, their folly and their slippery language, do harm to the human condition. The Scope of Practice and Education framework (ScopEd), the creation of three of the dominant UK psychopractitioner organisations, is one of them.
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UKCP Chair Petitions the Prime Minister on the Government Misuse of Behavioural Science – DR CHRISTIAN BUCKLAND

Open letter condemning the use of unethical psychological techniques / behavioural science on the unknowing and non-consenting UK public.
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Psyche is Extended – MATT DAVIES

Freud was discussing the non-dualistic relationship between body and mind, and how he saw the mind as an extension of the body and how psyche is extended into space as part of the psychological apparatus of the mind.
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Brother Abuse – ANONYMOUS

This is possibly the most challenging article I have ever submitted to Self & Society, and deals with the rarely reported issue of sister on brother sexual abuse.
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Self & Society Hits Twitter / ‘X’! – Thanks to JOHN McLAUGHLIN and LUCY SCURFIELD

In the second part of this final issue of Self & Society (see https://tinyurl.com/fy9ht3rw), we included a feature that showcased some favourite choices from the S&S archive…
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Extended Book Notices – Compiled by RICHARD HOUSE

Editor’s Note: Since the journal lost our reviews editor some years back, it’s unfortunate that book reviews have been somewhat haphazard in the journal, for which I can only apologise. A number of excellent books have thus piled up, or have otherwise come to my attention, over that time.
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As I write AHPb is due to close at the end of December 2023 after over 50 years. This is a sad although highly significant moment in the history of Humanistic Psychology. The generous offer of a new home to our own members as members of AHP USA is very welcome, and will bring with it many possible benefits of being part of a wider network. It seems that Humanistic Psychology is very much alive with this important development.
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