Newsletter for Self & Society, Test 1, Winter 2019

AHPB Magazine for Self & Society,
Test – Winter 2018/19

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Welcome, one and all, to the second issue of the AHP online ‘magazine’ (as we’re now calling it) for Self & Society. We think we have another bumper issue for readers.
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Digital Technology and the Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People

Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield is that rare phenomenon amongst research scientists – a neuroscientist who has the courage to speak out publicly against technological change where she sees it having possibly problematic consequences for our humanity. In this article, we are delighted to publish exclusively an extended version of her recent speech in the UK House of Lords on digital technology and children.
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The Heart’s Journey

The late, recently deceased poet and psychotherapist, Jay Ramsay, has written a proundly evocative poetic essay on the place of the heart alongside his reflections on an Interfaith Pilgrimage to Iona in 1990. Jay sees the heart as ‘the place of unification in which we are One World People’. For Jay, ‘our own chosen spiritual practice and path is also a pilgrim path’.
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Poetry by Graham Mummery

Graham Mummery offers a poem inspired by Jean Gebser (1905–1973), who was a philosopher, a linguist and a poet who described the structures of human consciousness.
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