Other related reading

Self & Society – An international Journal for Humanistic Psychology, published by AHP, is available for members of AHP.

Axline, Virginia M (1971) Dibs: In search of self  Harmondsworth, Penguin.  An un-put-downable book on a five-year-old in play therapy.  The best book to read first in humanistic psychology.  Totally absorbing for any reader.

Brammer, L M, Abrego, P J & Shostrom, E L (1993) Therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy (6th ed)Upper Saddle River, Prentice-Hall.  This is a big humanistic text, covering most of the issues.

Bugental, James F T (1987) The art of the psychotherapist  New York, W W Norton.  A superb and very human book, which links the humanistic with the existential.

Cain, David J & Seeman, Julius (eds)(2002) Humanistic psychotherapies: Handbook of research and practice  Washington: APA.  Blockbuster with many good chapters.

Clarkson, Petruska (1992) Transactional analysis psychotherapy: An integrated approach London, Routledge.  Not every book on TA is humanistic, but this one is.  Also makes connections with object relations ideas.  Sophisticated and good.

Dayton, Tian (1994) The drama within: Psychodrama and experiential therapy Deerfield Beach, Health Communications.  A very goood account of psychodrama methods.

DeCarvalho, Roy José‚ (1991) The founders of humanistic psychology New York: Praeger.  A detailed study of Gordon Allport, Rogers, May and Bugental, going into the application of humanistic ideas to education, ethics and research.

Ernst, Sheila & Goodison, Lucy (1981) In our own hands: A handbook of self-help therapy  London, The Women’s Press.  This is all about group work. Wonderful.

Fadiman, James & Frager, Robert (1998) Personality and personal growth (4th ed)  New York, Longman.  A textbook dealing with the theories of Freud, Jung, Adler, Post-Freudians, Horney, the psychology of women, Erikson, Reich, James, Skinner, Kelly, Rogers, Maslow, Zen, Yoga and Sufi.  Readable, usable, expensive.

Farber, Barry A, Brink, Debora C & Raskin, Patricia M (eds)(1996) The psychotherapy of Carl Rogers: Cases and commentary  New York: Guilford Press.  Commentaries on actual sessions of Rogers, including ‘Gloria’.  Very illuminating and useful.

Ferrucci, Piero (1982) What we may be: The visions and techniques of psychosynthesis  Wellingborough, Tunstone Press.  Very good sense of what the humanistic approach is all about, and some good material on the transpersonal as well.

Gendlin, Eugene (1996) Focusing-oriented psychotherapy: A manual of the experiential method  New York: Guilford Press.  Moving on from focusing, and now much more useful.  Contains annotated sessions.

Greenberg, Leslie S, Watson, Jeanne C & Lietaer, Germain (eds)(1998) Handbook of experiential psychotherapy  New York: Guilford Press.  It seems that experiential is the new word for humanistic.  A brilliant book with many good things in it.

Grof, Stanislav (1985) Beyond the brain: Birth, death and transcendence in psychotherapy  New York, SUNY Press.  Sets humanistic psychotherapy into its historical context.  A full account of the four basic perinatal matrices and the COEX system.

Karp, Marcia, Holmes, Paul & Tauvon, Kate Bradshaw (eds)(1998) The handbook of psychodrama  London: Routledge.  A good summing up of the whole field.

Mahrer, Alvin R (1989) Experiencing: A humanistic theory of psychology and psychiatry  Ottawa, University of Ottawa Press.  A large book on humanistic theory.

Mearns, Dave & Thorne, Brian (2000) Person-centred therapy today: New frontiers in theory and practice  London: Sage.  All the latest ideas – groundbreaking.

Mindell, Arnold (1985) Working with the dreaming body  London, RKP.  By an ex-Jungian who takes the body seriously, and takes up a process viewpoint.

Rogers, Carl R & Stevens, Barry (eds)(1967) Person to person: The problem of being human  Moab, Real People Press.  Papers by Rogers, Gendlin and others.

Rowan, John (1998) The reality game: A guide to humanistic counselling and psychotherapy (2nd ed)  London, Routledge.  A general text for the aspiring practitioner, covering many training issues.  Fully updated.

Rowan, John (2001) Ordinary ecstasy: The dialectics of humanistic psychology (3nd ed) London, RKP.  Attempts to give a complete account of what humanistic psychology is and does.   Origins, fields, directions for the future, theory and research.

Rowan, John (2005) A guide to humanistic psychology  London: UKAHPP.  Brief and succinct summary, with many references and websites.

Schneider, Kirk J, Bugental, James F T & Pierson, J Fraser (eds)(2001) The handbook of humanistic psychology: Leading edges in theory, research and practice  Thousand Oaks: Sage.  Blockbuster with many good chapters.

Schneider, Kirk J & Krug, Orah T (2010) Existential-humanistic therapy  Washington: APA.  Excellent: well written and up to date.

Shaffer, J B P & Galinsky, M D (1989) Models of group therapy (2nd ed)  Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall.  The best academic book on groups.  Twelve kinds of group.

Shorr, Joseph E (1983) Psychotherapy through imagery (2nd ed)  New York, Thieme-Stratton.  Extremely useful for anyone using imagery techniques of any kind.

Valle, Ron (ed)(1998) Phenomenological inquiry in psychology: Existential and transpersonal dimensions  New York: Plenum Press.  Good humanistic research.

van Deurzen-Smith (1997) Everyday mysteries: Existential dimensions of psychotherapy  London: Routledge. Good general account of the existential position.

Vaughan, Frances (1986) The inward arc: Healing and wholeness in psychotherapy and spirituality  London, Shambhala.  Puts Wilber’s theory of psychospiritual development clearly and helpfully.  Links the humanistic with the transpersonal.

Watson, Jeanne C, Goldman, Rhonda N & Warner, Margaret S (eds)(2002) Client-centered and experiential psychotherapy in the 21st century: Advances in theory, research and practice  Llangarron: PCCS Books.  Blockbuster from conference.

Whitton, Eric (2003) Humanistic approach to psychotherapy  London: Whurr.  Good rundown on the whole thing.  Six other contributors.

Yontef, Gary M (1993) Awareness, dialogue and process  Highland: Gestalt Journal Press.  A good account of the post-Perls thinking in Gestalt therapy.  New edition due.

In addition to these look out for anything by Abraham Maslow (particularly the third edition of Motivation and Personality), Carl Rogers, Alvin Mahrer, Will Schutz, Fritz Perls (and the Fagan & Shepherd book Gestalt therapy now), Alexander Lowen, Virginia Satir, Sidney Jourard, Charles Hampden-Turner, Jean Houston, Barry Stevens.

Look out for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology (Los Angeles), The Humanistic Psychologist (West Georgia) and Self & Society (London).