“Ordinary Ecstasy”: List of contents


Dialectical thinking; Practical philosophy

Part One: What Is Humanistic Psychology?

1. Humanistic Psychology Is and Is Not Psychology
The Old Saybrook conference; Eastern thought; Science and research

2. Humanistic Psychology Is and Is Not Optimistic
Maslow and Mahrer; Rogers and May; Centaur consciousness

3. How Humanistic Psychology Holds the Contradictions
The Wilber model; Authenticity; Charles Hampden-Turner; How Heidegger got it wrong

Part Two: Applications of Humanistic Psychology

4. Counselling
Rollo May’s contribution; Person-centered counselling; Co-Counselling; Dreams

5. Psychotherapy 1
Gestalt therapy; Experiential psychotherapy; Alvin Mahrer

6. Psychotherapy 2
Bodywork; Psychodrama; Primal integration; Psychosynthesis

7. Groupwork
Encounter; The humanistic-existential group; Trust, safety and confrontation; Non-humanistic groupwork; Self-help and the system

8. Education and Training
Rogers; Confluent education; Experiential learning; The school or college; The wider society

9. Organizational
Organization development; Hierarchy and bureaucracy; Alternatives; Leadership; The wider scene; Taking power; Transformational management; Spiral dynamics

10. Transpersonal
The transpersonal self; LSD; Levels of consciousness; Personal and social implications; Paganism; Cross-cultural work; Ken Wilber

11. Female/Male/Gay
Sexuality; Sex roles; Constructivism and some ways ahead

Part Three: The Future of Humanistic Psychology

12. The Spread of Humanistic Psychology

13. Directions for The Self
The personality; The real self; Multiple levels of consciousness; Humanistic psychology and the social construction of reality

14. Directions for Society
Phase one: The universal approach; Evolution or revolution? Phase two: Questioning patriarchy; Power and change; Phase three: An integral approach

15. Some Points on Theory and Research
Basic orientation; Deficiency motivation and abundance motivation; B-values and D-values; Humanistic research; Critiques of humanistic psychology