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Spiritual Awakening Experiences –
Christian Stokke & Mira Cataya Rodriguez

This article studies the phenomenon of spiritual awakening experiences from the perspective of transpersonal
psychology. We examine four individual cases, obtained through qualitative in-depth interviews with
individuals who have experienced phenomena of peak experiences, kundalini awakening, heart opening, and
dark nights.
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Paul’s Political Column

Of course I understand that constantly looking
at life through a political lens is not most
people’s cup of tea. Not everyone either
wants, or can bear, to wake up each morning
and take in the latest government
machinations around the Covid pandemic.
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David Lambert, with Senan Clifford – Environmental Activism: In Defence of ‘Criminal Damage’

On 12 April 2021 my six co-defendants and I
appeared at Southwark Crown Court on two charges of criminal damage and having an article with intent to cause criminal damage. Two years before, almost to the day, we had carried out an action at the Shell building near aterloo as part of Extinction Rebellion’s London protests which started on 15 April 2019.
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John McLaughlin – On Music and Spirit

To speak about music is an exercise in futility, as is to speak about spirituality; and to speak about both has to be a fast track to frustration. However, as curious humans we desire to understand the nature of Reality with the discursive mind. So I will try. The basic problem is that neither spirituality nor music belong to the level of the day-to-day mind.
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‘We’re all Feyerabendians now!’: Where Science and Society Meet – The Contemporary Relevance of Paul K. Feyerabend, 1924–94

Feyerabend scholar Ian James Kidd is interviewed by Richard House – with a commentary by Onel Brooks

Introductory Note
It is fittingly exactly 50 years as we write since the publication of the first iteration of what was to become one of the most controversial publications in the history of the philosophy of science – Paul K. Feyerabend’s ‘Against method: outline of an anarchistic theory of knowledge’ (Feyerabend, 1970a) – subsequently published in book form by New Left Books in 1975. 
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Brigitta Mowat – How Integrative Psychotherapy Can Address the Anthropocene Crisis


The main focus of this article is an attempt to address the questions of how and why the human species considers itself separate from ecosystems, and what needs to shift in our thinking and theorising so that we can be part of, rather than split off from, the more-than human world. Four clinical vignettes serve to illustrate the interplay between the ‘eco’ and ‘psycho’ embedded in the socio-historical and clinical context.
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Miki Kashtan – The Power of the Soft Qualities to Transform Patriarchy



Patriarchy emerges from scarcity, functions in separation, and results in powerlessness. Embracing the soft qualities restores capacity in the opposite direction: what was lost last is restored first, and we move towards individual and collective liberation instead of away from life.
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REVIEW ESSAY: Counter-fantasies: On Judith Butler, Psychotherapy and Politics 1 By Manu Bazzano

Once during a Living Theatre street performance, a bystander (later identified as a lecturer on our campus) suddenly jumped into action by punching one of the actors, who promptly hit him back. The accident caused a stir; lively discussions ensued.
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The Coronavirus Pandemic, the Trump Presidency, and Humanistic Psychology
© Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D.

The harrowing consequences of the United States presidency of Donald Trump are now being acknowledged and conveyed in professional Humanistic Psychology circles.
In the present article I will amplify my perspective on how Humanistic Psychology can be beneficial in dealing with the dire consequences of Trump and the coronavirus pandemic.
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Self and Society: an unfolding, ongoing story for Humanistic Psychology in Britain
Richard House – online AHP magazine editor, S&S editor from 2020

Self & Society has gone through a number of evolutionary transformations since it first appeared in 1973, and is about to enter another new incarnation as a new decade approaches. Here, former editor and magazine online editor Richard House offers a personal retrospective of the journal’s auspicious history, looking at some of its previous incarnations, and giving a flavour of the richness and diversity of writing that it has showcased in its 47-year history.
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