Celebrating 50 Years of Self & Society

The year 2022 is the fiftieth year of publication of the premier Humanistic Psychology journal in the United Kingdom, Self & Society – which has just been re-named Self & Society: An International Journal for Humanistic, Existential and Transpersonal Psychology. The new issue of the journal is a special commemorative double issue (Volume 50 [1-2]) of over 140 pages in length – and below you will find the issue cover and full contents page, together with several of the pieces making up the issue’s special symposium marking 50 years of this great journal. Here are some memorable excerpts from our 50-Year Celebratory Symposium. Read more…

The cover page of Self&Society Vol. 50

The cover of Self&Society vol. 50

The contents page for Self&Society, Vol. 50

The contents page for Self&Society, Vol. 50

A special offer to new subscribers

As a special offer to mark this commemorative issue, we are offering a free copy of issue 49 (2) – a special theme issue on ‘The Transpersonal’ (116 pp) – to all new subscriptions taken out in this, our 50th year. This issue features an exclusive article by jazz-guitar legend John McLaughlin, on ‘Music and spirit’. You can take out a new subscription here; and all new subscribers in 2022 will receive issue 50 (1-2), and issue 49 (2) free of charge.