Bursary Fund

Travel Costs to AGMs and EGMs

We wish to encourage wider participation in the governance and development of the Association by all members. To this end the AHPb Board has decided to create a ring-fenced Bursary Fund to help with travel costs to AGMs and EGMs for members to apply to in case of financial hardship. If money is the only issue preventing a member from coming to these meetings, they are invited to contact us in advance with details of their expected travel costs and we will see how we can help.

The Board is pump priming this fund with £200 from AHPb’s bank account. We hope members who are in a position to do so will support this fund by making a donation. In order to donate, click on the ‘Donate’ button on the left, which will take you to the PayPal page. On the PayPal page, please click on the ‘£0’ and enter the amount that you wish to donate.

Applying for travel costs to the Bursary Fund:
We have made available an initial sum of £200 into this fund. Requests by members for grants towards their travel costs to AGMs and EGMs can now be applied for. it is available to members who are experiencing financial hardship. It works on a trust basis. Simply send an email in advance of the meeting with details of your travel costs to lucyscurfield@freeuk.com. Your request will be considered in relation to funds available. We may be in a position to grant the full sum or offer a proportion of your costs.