American AHP offer of membership

AHPb is in the process of closing down – the decision to do this has been covered in emails to members last year. In order to allow AHPb members to continue to participate in the Humanistic Psychology community, and to receive news and articles of interest, the American Association of Humanistic Psychology have offered free professional membership for the first year to AHPb members. This is a very generous offer. The details are:

  • AHP is offering all AHPb members the following for the first year: a free annual Professional Membership of (US) AHP valued at $110, which includes free unlimited online access to all 50+ years of their excellent journal, the Journal of Humanistic Psychology.
  • AHP will permanently host all issues of Self & Society on its web site, which will continue to be available to you as new Professional Members of AHP.
  • At the end of your first year of Professional Membership of AHP, you will have the option of continuing as a Professional Member at $10 per month or $110 per year.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer not to continue as a Professional Member in AHP, you will still automatically continue as a Free Member of AHP and retain ongoing unlimited access to all issues of Self & Society and all the other benefits of Free membership.
  • AHP encourages its members to form their own Informal Energy Centres around the world to help members connect with each other in person. To facilitate this, AHP has a searchable membership directory that lets you connect with other AHP and AHPb members who live in the UK, set up in-person gatherings or online discussion groups, and continue and even expand the connections you have made through AHPb in the past.
  • AHP is looking forward with excitement to many new ways to spread humanistic values. They look forward to welcoming AHPb members who wish to opt in to this offer, and to joining together with the other AHP members under one association linking hands across the pond!

A message from Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.
President, Association for Humanistic Psychology

Hi All

Greetings from across the pond! As we move forward in joining forces with AHPb, I want to extend a personal invitation and welcome to each of you as the transition phase unfolds. I also want you to know that, in my view, “you” are that “AHPb force”.

As a human species, it would appear that we are at an inflection point on this tiny blue planet in the cosmos. One underlying theme and challenge of this inflection point is how best to move beyond “mechanistic” ways of thinking, feeling, doing, and operating in the world whereby people often get reduced to objects and their value, dignity, and uniqueness get lost or forgotten. In that light, never before has it been more important to nurture and to uphold humanistic principles in the world. So, your humanistic “voice”, your humanistic “actions”, and your unique expression of humanistic “energies” in the world matter as never before. That is why I am so excited about “you” joining forces with AHP here in the U.S.

As you know, to welcome “you” aboard, we are providing a one-year free AHP Professional membership to all AHPb members, and after that time an unlimited Free membership. Hopefully, you have all received information about how to take advantage of these benefits. And, of course, you may upgrade your membership for additional benefits at any point whenever you desire to do so.

There’s lots to do during this important time in human history. Once aboard, we will share thoughts about ways “you” can be helpful and we very much welcome your thoughts in that regard too. AHP is and can continue to play a vital role in evolving our individual and collective consciousness. Again, Welcome!

With Heart,Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.
AHP President
Human Services Program Director &
Human Services Internship Coordinator
Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Massachusetts-Boston