AHPb with the Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (AHPP)
and the Independent Practitioners Network (IPN) – presents:

Engaging Our Hearts in Dangerous Times:
Contributions and Perspectives from Humanistic Psychology


Saturday 23rd November 2019 – 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue: Colet House, London

This conference is the culmination of the humanistic café-style events that have been held bi-monthly throughout this year, focusing on speaking from the heart and applying the insights of Humanistic Psychology to relate to what’s happening in the world today. There will be distinguished speakers, time for small group discussions and ample networking opportunities.

Speakers will include Professor Andrew Samuels, Lucy Scurfield, Elena Manafi, Skeena Finebaum-Rathor, John Fletcher and Tim Broughton. The conference will be chaired by Richard House and facilitated by Zohar Dina  Glouberman.

Bookings: please book via Eventbrite. This promises to be a highly popular event, so we advise early booking to avoid disappointment.

Cost: full price £70; AHPb, AHPP, IPN and Study Society members: £55; other concessions: £45 (seniors, full-time students and benefit recipients. Please note that the entitlement to concessionary status will be checked during registration on the day.)

Please bring lunch to share.

CPD certification will be provided.

The detailed programme will be available nearer the time.

The conference flyer is available as a PDF download.

The Talks

Professor ANDREW SAMUELS – “Embracing Risk in Psychotherapy and in Politics: We Are up against the Wall”

For Andrew there is a two-way street between therapy and politics. Here, he will extend such thinking in the direction of the idea of risk, suggesting that praise of the therapy relationship as the means to provide the safe ‘container’ that clients need is misplaced. It leaves out other, riskier, dimensions of relationality. Similarly, he believes that hope in politics requires the active pursuit of risk. The word ‘risk’ means running towards danger.


LUCY SCURFIELD – “From Roots to Shoots: A Personal and Professional Journey with Heart”

Lucy will talk about why and how she founded Strong Roots – www.strongroots.org.uk – a unique and innovative therapeutic garden project in Norwich offering psychotherapy in a garden setting – and how it has positively impacted the lives of attendees. Lucy will also talk about her reasons for de-registering from the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, the importance for her of the IPN, and what she does for ongoing personal and professional development.


ELENA MANAFI, Psych. D. – “Riding the Wave of Someone Else’s Breakdown: The Unbearable Relatedness of Being”

Elena will discuss her experience of working with relational trauma and its impact on a person’s sense of self, belonging and experience of being with others in the world. Her emphasis will be on the importance of clarifying client’s experience and using the therapeutic relationship and encounter, rather than theoretical explanations and the notion of ‘cure’


SKEENA FINEBAUM-RATHOR – “The Key Place of the Heart in Extinction Rebellion”

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a relatively new social-political-cultural movement that’s reconfiguring our most taken-for-granted assumptions about activism, and what makes social movements successful. A distinctive XR feature is the central place of heart-values in its vision, direct actions and organisational functioning. Skeena will speak to how heart-values constitute an indispensable aspect of XR, and their being a major factor in its effectiveness to date.


JOHN FLETCHER – “Humanistic Psychotherapy for All – Wishful Thinking or a Realistic Ambition?”

Humanistic therapies are a safe, effective response to human suffering across all cultures and lifestyles – a theme John will illustrate with examples and anecdotes from a long career as social worker and therapist. In his view, misguided political/ professional barriers prevent humanistic psychotherapy being freely available through the NHS whilst statutory mental health services struggle to meet demand. John will consider the challenges for therapists that such a change could involve.


TIM BROUGHTON – “Freeing the Body, Opening the Heart, and Clearing the Mind: The Five Rhythms movement practice of Gabrielle Roth”

In these troubled and chaotic times ‘The fastest way to clear the mind is to move the body’ – Gabrielle Roth. Through dancing the Five Rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness, our Being undertakes a radical rebalancing of the relationship between body, heart and mind, allowing our Being to flourish with heart in the centre.

The Speakers

Photo of Professor Andrew SamuelsProfessor Andrew Samuels: former Professor of Analytical Psychology, Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, with visiting posts at New York, Goldsmiths, Roehampton, Witwatersrand and Macau. A Training Analyst of the Society of Analytical Psychology, in private practice in London, Andrew was Chair of the UKCP and co-founder (with Judy Ryde) of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility. He works internationally as a consultant with political leaders, parties and activist groups, and to the NHS, and draws on diverse approaches to psyche, including post-Jungian, relational psychoanalytic and humanistic ideas. With a background in progressive / left politics, and his commitment to diversity and equality, Andrew celebrates many different takes on social and political issues. His videos, lectures and papers are available at: www.andrewsamuels.com.


Photo of Lucy ScurfieldLucy Scurfield: formerly a professional garden designer, now a psychotherapist/counsellor. In 2006 Lucy founded the charity Strong Roots – www.strongroots.org.uk – an innovative therapeutic garden project in Norwich for people experiencing social exclusion, to which individuals can self-refer. Lucy has been an active participant in the IPN since 2010, and she is also the chair of AHPb.





Photo of Elena ManafiElena Manafi, Psych. D.: a BPS Affiliate member, a Chartered Psychologist registered with the HCPC and an Existential Psychotherapist (UKCP reg.). Elena has worked in the NHS and organisational settings, currently running her private practice in North London. Elena has been the Programme Director of Counselling Psychology and Existential Trainings at Regent’s University London and Surrey University. An active member of the BPS Counselling Psychology Training Committee and Society for Existential Analysis, her main interests are in existential phenomenological philosophy and therapy, and postmodern approaches to therapy.


Photo of Skeena Finebaum-RathorSkeena Finebaum-Rathor: mother of three girls, Labour Party District Councillor, Co-Founder of Compassionate Stroud, Founder of The Politics Kitchen (Stroud), and coach, therapist and teacher. Since autumn 2018 she has been heavily involved in the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement, playing key roles within this global social/ political/cultural movement, including being an XR co-leader, Vision team Coordinator and public presenter.


Photo of John FletcherJohn Fletcher: a Person-Centred Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor practising in London for 20+ years, and a Social Worker for over 30 years. John has worked in both Adult Psychological Services and CAMHS; has many years’ experience working with children/families as a Social Worker in both community and statutory sectors, particularly with adolescents and young offenders. He has also worked as a therapist in a women’s prison.





Photo of Tim BroughtonTim Broughton: Forty years of personal growth and development, and trainings, 25 years of practice personally and 20 years of teaching the Five Rhythms. Tim is also deeply grateful for all he has experienced and learned through many years of personal work, supervision and friendship with Jill Hall.






Photo of Richard HouseRichard House, Ph. D.: Stroud-based left–green political activist, a former therapist, Steiner teacher and university lecturer in psychotherapy, psychology and early education. Writer or editor of 13 books, he edits “Self and Society”, the house journal of the AHPb since 1973, and is a long-standing member of its board.




Photo of Dr Dina GloubermanZohar Dina Glouberman, Ph. D.: has recently published her fourth book, “Into the Woods and Out Again: A memoir of love, madness and transformation”. She co-founded the world-famous Skyros holidays and created Imagework Therapy. For further details of her work and books, see www.dinaglouberman.com.






The Venue

Photo of Colet HouseThe conference will be held in The West Room, Colet House, home of The Study Society, a London- based charity that offers practical, inclusive ways to find rest, stillness and meaning through Advaita Meditation, member discussion groups, Mevlevi Turning (whirling dervishes), Poetry, Kirtan and Vedic chanting.



For more details, see www.studysociety.org.
The address is:
151 Talgarth Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 9DA.
The nearest tube station is Barons Court on the District and Piccadilly lines. See the map.