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The AHPb was founded by a broad band of people from many disciplines in and beyond psychology and therapy, including history, poetry, philosophy, anthropology and spirituality. It is an organisation for academics, educators, health professionals, community and social workers, psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists, sociologists – in fact, for anyone who shares humanistic values and wants to make a difference. Read more…

Special Guest Paper published on the Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain (AHPb) website, 17 August 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic, the Trump Presidency, and Humanistic Psychology
© Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D.

Photo of Elliot BenjaminIntroduction

The harrowing consequences of the United States presidency of Donald Trump are now being acknowledged and conveyed in professional Humanistic Psychology circles. Read more…

Self and Society: an unfolding, ongoing story for Humanistic Psychology in Britain

Richard House
Online AHP magazine editor, S&S editor from 2020
First published in Self &Society, 47 (2), 2019, pp. 5–9.

Photo of Richard HouseSelf & Society has gone through a number of evolutionary transformations since it first appeared in 1973, and is about to enter another new incarnation as a new decade approaches. Here, former editor and magazine online editor Richard House offers a personal retrospective of the journal’s auspicious history, looking at some of its previous incarnations, and giving a flavour of the richness and diversity of writing that it has showcased in its 47-year history. Read more….

Into the Woods and Out Again: A Memoir of Love, Madness and Transformation by Dina Glouberman is now available and can be purchased from the online store.

Into the Woods and Out Again is an inspiring memoir that – with honesty and down-to-earth humour – invokes the essence of a remarkable time and place by a woman who dared to make her dreams a reality. For further details please see: