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Image of two hands touchingAHPb is an organisation for anyone who shares humanistic values and wants to make a difference – counsellors and psychotherapists, educators, health professionals, community and social workers, psychologists, sociologists and academics. The AHPb was founded by a broad band of people from many disciplines in and beyond psychology and therapy, including history, poetry, philosophy, anthropology and spirituality.
Humanistic Psychology is a psychological perspective which rose to prominence in the mid-20th century partly as a response to the limitations of Sigmund Freud’ psychoanalytic theory and B. F. Skinner’ behaviorism. Considered a ‘third force’, this approach emphasized individuals’ inherent drive towards self-actualization, the process of realizing and expressing one’s own capabilities and creativity. It moved away from a medical model to a democratic and holistic one, based on fostering communication, creativity, and personal development throughout life for everyone.
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Poster for AHPb eventsDue to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no events planned. Events will resume when the pandemic is over. Details of past events are available on the ‘Past Events‘ page, and include a series of Humanistic Cafe events in 2019, conferences in 2018 and 2017, and a series of evening workshops in 2015.



Self & Society is our international journal for Humanistic Psychology. It is currently published four times a year as part of the membership package offered by AHPb – two paper issues and two online issues. The Autumn printed Self & Society has been posted out to subscribers.

The cover for the Autumn 2021 Self & SocietyThe Self & Society Journal is currently published twice a year. It contains a range of articles at the self–society interface, including (but not exclusively) articles relevant to practising therapists and human potential workers; it also contains book reviews, review articles and poetry, as well as regular columns. Read more…

Image of the online journalThe Self & Society Online Magazine is emailed to members twice a year and is also available for viewing on this website. The issues are all available in the online archive. Approximately one third of the articles in each issue are freely available for viewing, the rest can only be viewed by members of AHPb.

Current and Recent Articles

John McLaughlin – On Music and Spirit

To speak about music is an exercise in futility, as is to speak about spirituality; and to speak about both has to be a fast track to frustration. However, as curious humans we desire to understand the nature of Reality with the discursive mind. So I will try. The basic problem is that neither spirituality nor music belong to the level of the day-to-day mind.
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David Lambert, with Senan Clifford – Environmental Activism: In Defence of ‘Criminal Damage’

On 12 April 2021 my six co-defendants and I appeared at Southwark Crown Court on two charges of criminal damage and having an article with intent to cause criminal damage. Two years before, almost to the day, we had carried out an action at the Shell building near Waterloo as part of Extinction Rebellion’s London protests which started on 15 April 2019.
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Miki Kashtan – The Power of the Soft Qualities to Transform Patriarchy

Patriarchy emerges from scarcity, functions in separation, and results in powerlessness. Embracing the soft qualities restores capacity in the opposite direction: what was lost last is restored first, and we move towards individual and collective liberation instead of away from life. Vulnerability and humility soften patriarchal habits of protection and control as we restore choice. That strength makes possible deepened awareness of interdependence, and tenderness for self and other, as we restore togetherness. 
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The Coronavirus Pandemic, the Trump Presidency, and Humanistic Psychology
© Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D.

The harrowing consequences of the United States presidency of Donald Trump are now being acknowledged and conveyed in professional Humanistic Psychology circles.
In the present article I will amplify my perspective on how Humanistic Psychology can be beneficial in dealing with the dire consequences of Trump and the coronavirus pandemic…
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Previous featured articles are available in the article archive.


The front cover of the book 'Into the Woods and Out Again'Into the Woods and Out Again: A Memoir of Love, Madness and Transformation by Dina Glouberman is now available and can be purchased from the online store.

Into the Woods and Out Again is an inspiring memoir that – with honesty and down-to-earth humour – invokes the essence of a remarkable time and place by a woman who dared to make her dreams a reality. For further details please see: www.dinaglouberman.com.

The Self & Society Online Archive

The cover of an issue of Self & SocietyAll the printed editions of Self & Society, from 1973 to date (excepting volume 18), are available to members in the online archive. In order to view the articles, you need to be a member of AHPb and log in to the website. This represents by far the richest online resource for Humanistic Psychology in the UK – and is perhaps the world’s most affordable HP resource.

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