What doesn’t kill us…

  Stephen Joseph discusses the psychology of post-traumatic growth The field of psychological trauma is changing as researchers recognise that adversity does not always lead to a damaged and dysfunctional life. Post-traumatic growth refers to how adversity can be a … Continue reading →

The Spring 2015 Issue of Self & Society

The Spring 2015 issue of Self & Society has the following featured articles:

Cover of the latest issue of Self and SocietySpecial Theme Symposium: Mindfulness and Beyond

Before and after mindfulness — Manu Bazzano
Confessions of a mind-wandering MBSR student: remembering social amnesia — Ronald E. Purser
Painting eyeballs on chaos: on Zen and birth trauma — Dorinda Talbot
A popular misconception — David Brazier
Mindfulness now — R.J.Chisholm
Beyond mindfulness, towards antiquity — Rebecca Greenslade


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