Welcome to the Association for Humanistic Psychology

The AHP was founded by a broad band of people from many disciplines, such as history, poetry, philosophy and spirituality. It is for academics, educators, health professionals, community and social workers, psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists, sociologists – in fact, anyone who shares humanistic values and wants to make a difference.


The Latest Issue of Self & Society

The April 2016  issue of Self & Society has the following articles:

September 2015 Self & Society

  • Compassionate presence: Buddhist practice and the Person-Centred Approach – Becky Seale
  • Counselling Psychology in the UK: a critical-humanistic perspective – Richard House & Colin Feltham
  • Capitalism versus the climate,  Review I –  Nigel Armistead
  • Capitalism versus the climate,  Review II – David Kalisch
  • Capitalism versus the climate:  Commentary on the book reviews – Teresa Belton
  • Open Letter: Fighting to save counsellor education – David Murphy
  • Three Appreciations of Professor John Forrester (1949–2015)
  • Appreciation of Natalie Rogers (1928–2015)