Welcome to the Association for Humanistic Psychology

The AHP was founded by a broad band of people from many disciplines, such as history, poetry, philosophy and spirituality. It is for academics, educators, health professionals, community and social workers, psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists, sociologists – in fact, anyone who shares humanistic values and wants to make a difference.


The Latest Issue of Self & Society

The latest issue of Self & Society has the following featured articles:

Cover of the latest issue of Self and SocietySpecial Theme Symposium: Mindfulness and Beyond

Before and after mindfulness — Manu Bazzano
Confessions of a mind-wandering MBSR student: remembering social amnesia — Ronald E. Purser
Painting eyeballs on chaos: on Zen and birth trauma — Dorinda Talbot
A popular misconception — David Brazier
Mindfulness now — R.J.Chisholm
Beyond mindfulness, towards antiquity — Rebecca Greenslade


Subscribers can read the issue online.

The Summer issue of Self & Society features the second part of our special theme focus on Ecopsychology plus other engaging papers/articles, including an interview with Robin Shohet and all the regular features.  Guest Edited by Nick Totton.